The Foundation works in favor of the general interest by promoting and stimulating entrepreneurship, which is the primary creator of jobs, the guarantor of our prosperity and the answer to many of today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges.

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Our vision

Every individual knows that they can dream of being an entrepreneur and has the right to live their own entrepreneurial experience according to their own ambitions.

Entrepreneurship is a norm, recognized as a tool of general interest.

Our mission

Pulse’s ambition is to stimulate and promote entrepreneurial culture from the earliest age; to ensure access to all entrepreneurs of all ambitions; to guarantee that the ecosystem fosters the potential of all our entrepreneurs, everywhere in Belgium.

Notre mission

How we work

The Foundation has chosen to intervene at every stage of an entrepreneur’s life cycle, from awareness-raising to business creation, from project growth to business failure.

The Foundation addresses these seven levers in three ways: through partnerships, innovation and advocacy.

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